Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Catblogging: Davka Edition

(See Normblog for an excellent definition of the wonderful, almost-untranslatable Hebrew word, davka.)

Her Ladyship on the terrace table

“Catblogging? Now?! Don’t you know there’s a war on?”

Yes, I know, and I’m doing it anyway. Davka.

Her Ladyship was ill this week. She came back to my friend’s apartment one evening with a high fever and a pronounced limp. The veterinarian’s diagnosis was an infected cat bite. My neighbor diligently gave Her Ladyship doses of antibiotics, which she swallowed obediently. (Oh, all right, she was bribed. Chicken. She adores the stuff.)

When I saw Her Ladyship earlier this week, she was feeling miserable. She was hunkered down in her “sickroom” at the bottom of my friend’s bedroom closet. My friend put down blankets and brought in food and water so that Her Ladyship wouldn’t have to go too far for either; the poor kitty was having quite a bit of difficulty walking.

Good news, though: since that day, and after a full day under observation at the clinic, Her Ladyship is well on her way to complete recovery. When I saw her last night, she was walking almost normally, with only a slight trace of a limp. She has regained her ability to leap from low to high surfaces and back, and she is venturing outside once again.

Even with all the insanity, sorrow and fear in these parts, there are still plenty of things to celebrate. Her Ladyship’s recovery is one of them.

So go to hell, Hizbullah. In your face, Hamas. Am Yisrael hai—ve-hatulenu gam ken. The Jewish People lives, and so do our cats.


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