Sunday, September 12, 2004

Excuse Me—Where Did You Say You Were From?

While looking up the statistics for my various sites this evening, I discovered that Shirat Sara’s website received a visitor recently ... from Saudi Arabia.

Shirat Sara is a women’s prayer group. A Jewish women’s prayer group. That’s already two strikes against us. Three if you count the prayer bit; though some Moslem countries have women imams, I don’t think the KSA is one of them. (Heck, even some of our fellow Jews think we’re radical. We’re not, actually, and we might even fit in a tiny drop in the KSA because some of us wear these long, tasselled veil-type garments when we pray.)

Seriously: Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow the free exercise of any religion but Islam within its borders. Betcha our site will soon find itself banned over there.

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