Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Night at the Movies

Tonight I saw The Incredibles with a friend of mine who’s back from the US (finally!). I really enjoyed it. Without giving away the plot, its themes were ones that resonate a great deal with me: that it’s all right to be different and that being true to ourselves is the best way to go. They sound like clichés, but then that’s what makes a cliché a cliché—it’s true.

(At some point during the film I found myself wondering whether many of the people who worked on it had to deal with being different at some time in their lives.)

The film gets pretty dark in some parts. For that reason I’m not sure I’d recommend taking small children to see it. But I think it would be fine for older children.

Before the film, there was an animated short made by the same company, called “Boundin’.” Though its theme seemed to lean more towards encouragement during difficult times, it also touched on the idea of how being different might get people down and how we can deal with it.

After seeing these two films, the short and the feature-length one, I’d like to track down everything this company has ever made and watch it from beginning to end. I think I’d enjoy that.

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