Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Eucalyptus that Won’t Quit

Near my apartment building is a eucalyptus tree that’s been through it all but is still kicking. This tree can give some valuable lessons about surviving during challenging times. Though its top is shorn off and its bark is shaven, it still produces branches and leaves every spring.

Still Alive and Green Despite It All

Another extraordinary thing about this tree is that for years it has been home to a family of large bees, likely carpenter bees (though I’m not sure). In order to drive the bees away, the bark of the tree was shaved off, exposing the tunnels the bees dug to house their eggs.

Bee Tunnels

In past years, when I’ve investigated the tunnels—some of which are as thick as my thumb—I’ve been buzzed by a bee that came out of nowhere to guard her former home, but never stung. According to those in the know, bumblebees are peaceful and rarely sting. But then, these may be carpenter bees. The next time I see one over there, I’m going to have to get a look at its underside.

(Just in case you were wondering, Israel grows bumblebees. I don’t think we grow carpenter bees, though. At least, not on purpose.)

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