Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Good News for the Cats of Katzrin

The cats of Katzrin have a new lease on life thanks to The Cat Welfare Society of Israel.

The Veterinarian Service Department and the City Council in Katzrin announced that there will be no use of any poison against cats in Katzrin and withdrew their intentions to use poison, as was previously expressed in their first announcement to the public and to the media. This decision came as a result of the petition that was served by the Cat Welfare Society of Israel at the Magistrates Court of Nazareth against the Katzrin City Council following the discovery of a rabid dog in the area. Instead of mass poisoning, the authorities will engage in steady activities of vaccinating and neutering/spaying of all cats in Katzrin.

My hat is off to the members of this extraordinary group and to performing songwriter Yehuda Poliker, who will be giving a concert to benefit Israel’s street cats and raise awareness of the problem.

(I saw a television program about Yehuda Poliker several years ago. At one point the camera focused on one of his cats, who was sitting on the floor beneath a table in his recording studio. Although no one was touching the cat, its eyes were closed in what looked like utter contentment, it was kneading with its paws and I could see its body vibrating with the force of its purr. I remember thinking: Wow. There must be some really good energy in that studio. I sure wouldn’t mind singing there.)

If you’re fond of cats, scroll down to the bottom of Yehuda Poliker’s page. This one’s a beauty.

And catch the concert if you can. Yehuda Poliker is an amazing performer, and it’s for a good cause.

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