Tuesday, May 03, 2005

When Along Came a Camera ...

While I was out walking yesterday evening, I passed by something that looked like a clump of nondescript vegetation hanging from a tree branch. Something about it caught my attention, and on closer inspection it turned out to be the nest of a Palestine Sunbird, with the female bird perched just outside the entrance. I tried to photograph it but the bird flew away, and in any case there wasn’t enough light.

This morning I passed by the nest again. The female was inside this time. Only her head was visible as she scanned the area, alert for intruders.

My camera is a simple one that’s part of a cellphone. It has no flash or zoom. But I really wanted this picture, so I approached as quietly as I could, my hand raised to take the picture. Unfortunately, the female noticed me and took off, chirping in distress as she went.

Here’s a picture of the nest, sans bird.

Palestine Sunbird nest

Meanwhile, the female perched on a nearby branch, chirping and calling. Feeling a bit like Miss Muffet’s spider, I took her picture quickly and left so that she could get back to her nest.

Female Palestine Sunbird, frightened from her nest

Oh, well. Better luck next time.

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