Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, My ...

They’re sprouting.

Catnip sprouts

Those wonderful, magic seeds I got from Lisaviolet are sprouting.

More catnip sprouts

Beware! Soon they will take over the entire world!

(Oh, dear. I guess humans can be affected by catnip, too. Heh.)

Seriously: I was thinking that when the catnip is big enough, I’ll plant some of it downstairs in our garden in memory of Lair Simon’s Edloe and of Edna, a special feline friend of mine who passed away last week at the age of twenty-two. In the meantime, please, would some kind home gardener out there tell me the best way to grow catnip in a pot?

(After some checking, I’ve decided to learn from this gardener’s tale of woe. It’s hilarious, so make sure you’re not drinking anything when you read it. Keyboards and monitors are expensive.)

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