Saturday, June 04, 2005

Saturday Night Stuff

Ad-Aware has a new version out. Download it here.

A dear friend of mine had her adult bat mitzva this morning at our women’s tefilla group, Shirat Sara. It was lovely, and she read the entire Torah portion beautifully. She also gave an excellent talk on women and tefillin with lots of sources. Kol ha-kavod, ABC, and mazal tov!

Celestial Blue has just about broken even in her fundraising efforts. Buy her beautiful blue Am Yisrael Chai bracelets and send her to the Holy Land! Like I said before, it’s a mitzva, and as we learn in Pirke Avot 4:2, one mitzva leads to another. In this case, once we succeed in helping Celestial Blue reach Livnot U-Lehibanot, she’ll be able to join in the wonderful work they do. So we’re not just benefiting CB; we’re benefiting all the people that Livnot helps ... and we’ll have a share in every positive thing that happens as a result. (And there’s lots of positive stuff that could happen, since trips like this change people’s lives.) Pretty neat, huh? So what are you still doing here? Go buy a bracelet! Buy a bunch and give them as gifts!

Got the early job tomorrow morning—early as in 6 a.m. Time for bed.

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