Thursday, August 18, 2005

Evening in Downtown Jerusalem

Downtown Jerusalem at twilight, with a near-full moon overhead.

Evening in downtown Jerusalem

Here is yet another bumper sticker urging readers to adopt the writer’s idea of proper behavior. (Jerusalem is full of such stickers.) This one reads: “God will subdue our enemies by virtue of our modest clothing.” It doesn’t even rhyme in Hebrew. Well, it could be feminine rhyme, which would be appropriate, since such exhortations to modesty are usually directed toward women. (As if women are responsible for what men think and do! But that is precisely what the writers of such slogans would have us believe.)

Bumper sticker

Wow, that is magical thinking if I ever saw it. Just wear the right kind of clothing and all will be well.

Yeah, right. I didn’t even buy that one back in high school.

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