Saturday, August 06, 2005

In the Shade

Her Ladyship poses in honor of Laurence Simon’s heroic efforts on behalf of Israel’s cats in need:

Her Ladyship lies in the shade

Same pose, different angle

Her Ladyship’s late housemate, the Dowager Duchess, enjoyed sunlight and heat, and used to rest happily beneath an incandescent bulb. (Recently I learned that this behavior is typical of Siamese cats.) On the other hand, Her Ladyship prefers coolness and shade.

I’m with Her Ladyship. It’s been terribly hot here these past few days, and I can’t wait till it cools off. I love the spring here in Israel, but since it’s so brief, I guess I have to say I’m a winter person by default. The way I figure it, the shorter days and lack of sunlight are the price we pay for cool weather and rain. I’ll be pleased once November rolls around.

I only hope we have much better news between now and then.

(This week’s Carnival of the Cats will be at IFOC, finishing up Laurence Simon’s marathon posts for the Blogathon. And check out the Friday Ark, too.)

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