Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Tiny Slice of Current Events

Meryl’s got a good read, as usual. Here she tells us why she disagrees with Mark Steyn’s assessment of what will happen after disengagement.

Jerusalem Voice went down south last week to protest the disengagement. Here is an account of her experiences.

And here are two columns by Naomi Ragen about her friends, Roz and Paul Schneid, a couple who lived and farmed in Gush Katif for twenty-seven years: Part I, a look at their lives before disengagement, and Part II, the story of what happened once they left their home, quietly and with dignity. The way they and so many others were subsequently treated is absolutely appalling.

I can’t see what good can possibly come out of this. I pray I’m wrong.

I’ll end with a bright spot, also by Naomi Ragen: The Good Our Eyes Have Seen. Even in all this turmoil and pain it’s still possible to find something positive.

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