Friday, September 02, 2005

Blogging for Hurricane Relief

The Truth Laid Bear. Meryl Yourish. Laurence Simon. LGF. Michelle Malkin. Strengthen the Good. Instapundit. And Harrison at The Terriorists, for all the animals displaced by the hurricane.

Each of the above links contains many other links to organizations involved in hurricane relief. I put them at the bottom of my last post. I'm putting them up again, at the top of this one.

A friend of mine who lives here in Israel is originally from New Orleans. She was born and raised there, and still has close family living there.

That is, she had close family living there until a few days ago. They were lucky enough to escape with their lives, but not much else. Now they are in a strange city where they know no one, and they have no home to go back to—unless someone’s thought of a way to live under ten feet of severely polluted water.

My friend’s family and thousands of others in the same situation need our prayers and donations—not necessarily in that order.

To paraphrase the message on another friend’s answering machine: You know what this is. You know what to do.

Click. Donate. Help.

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