Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Buy a CD, Help Katrina Survivors

I don’t usually talk about my CD here, but today I’m making an exception.

CD Baby, the wonderful on-line store that sells my CD, “Day of Rest,” recently added a feature that allows artists who sell their CDs there to donate all their profits directly to the American Red Cross. (Here is CD Baby’s gallery of artists who have chosen this option.)

“Day of Rest” is participating, too. For the next thirty days (longer if there’s sufficient interest), all profits from sales of “Day of Rest” will be donated directly to the American Red Cross to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their lives.

So head on over to CD Baby’s donors’ gallery, get yourself some good music and make a donation at the same time. (Just look at all those categories. There’s bound to be something you like in there. And you can listen to sound clips of every disc, too.)

You don’t even have to buy “Day of Rest” in particular. Any CD from CD Baby’s Red Cross donation gallery will do.

You get good music, the Red Cross gets a donation and the artist gets a mitzva. Everybody wins.

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