Saturday, September 24, 2005

Local Kitty News

Her Ladyship has a new housemate—a black-and-white kitten my friend rescued. The two cats haven’t met yet. My friend is keeping them apart for another week in order to give Missy (her name on this blog) a chance to get used to her new surroundings. I’ll post pictures when I get some.

If my friend agrees, I think I’ll bring Missy a paper bag to play in and some catnip. I’ll give the same to Her Ladyship, too, to avoid sibling rivalry. (Well, there will probably be a fair amount of that anyway, but at least I won’t be responsible for more of it.)

In other news, I visited the Lady in Red today and noticed that she’s favoring her right hind leg. I didn’t see or feel any sign of injury, so I don’t know what happened. She can still move around fairly well and even jump, but she was definitely moving more slowly and carefully than I’ve ever seen her do. I hear that things like this can heal on their own, but I think it’s time to send a message to the local cat welfare group’s e-mail list to ask for advice and possibly help in getting the Lady in Red to a vet.

The Lady in Red is a special cat who has given joy to a lot of people in the most dignified way, and she’s not so young anymore. She deserves all the help we can give her.

I do hope she’s all right.

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