Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Adventures with the Lady in Red

Did ever I mention that for all her excellent qualities, the Lady in Red is extremely territorial?

I met her this morning as I was walking back from the doctor’s office. Although she let me skritch her and offer her water, boy, was she ever in a territorial mood. Here she is challenging a cat in the bushes, right after she engaged in a shouting match with the young tom lying on the ground on her right:

The Lady in Red defends her territory

This is the interloper from the bushes:

Cat in bushes

Heading for the relative safety of the path, the interloper was joined by another, similar cat, possibly a littermate:

Long-haired tabbies in the park

Finally, the Lady in Red took a snooze. Defending one’s territory is hard work, you know.

The Lady in Red dozes

It appears that the Lady is territorial regarding her human admirers, too. When I petted the juvenile red-and-white tom where she could see me, she got huffy and tried to swat me when I went to pet her a little while later.

We’ll make up. We always do.

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