Thursday, January 12, 2006

Some New Additions

I’ve put a few new links on the sidebar for English speakers who would like to watch the local Israeli news in English on both Channel One (or Channel 33, which broadcasts a longer version) and Channel Two.

Courtesy of the forum, here’s how to get to the Channel One English news on the Israel Broadcasting Authority’s website:

Go to Go to TV Broadcasts >> On demand >> Channel 33 - English News Edition and then click on the camera icon and you’re done.

Or you can just head over to and click on the IBA News icon on the sidebar on the left.

You can watch the Channel Two news in English via the Jerusalem Post’s site or at Jerusalem Online.

You can join just about every Israeli in the country in keeping up with the current water level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) at Ynet’s site. (Don’t you just love that rubber ducky?)

If you would like to watch traffic on the various parts of the Ayalon Highway in real time, head over to the Ayalon Highways website and click on “Live Cameras.” (This one isn’t on my sidebar yet. If you would like me to put it there, please let me know.)

UPDATE: I found a simpler way to get to the IBA news directly. The sidebar has been updated.

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