Friday, January 13, 2006

This One’s for Meryl

Meryl very kindly bribed me with a Tig picture to vote for her in this year’s JIB Awards, which were created last year by Dave of Israelly Cool. Then she added a picture of Gracie, and that finished me. No resistance left.

So, since one good turn deserves another, here are the some of the cats I met on my way home yesterday. It was a wet afternoon, immediately after rain, which is just when the cats come out. It’s quite the bonanza if you enjoy taking kitty pictures (and wasting lots of time).

This was a lucky shot. I took out my camera and got it ready quietly, out of the cat’s line of sight, so it wouldn’t run away before I had the chance to take the picture. (It didn't run away even after I took the picture.)

Cat on cloth bag

Meet Rita the tortie, who works at a florist’s shop, no doubt attracting customers while repelling rodents:

Rita the Tortie

Here’s a beautiful calico who qualifies as a cover cat in my book:

Calico kittycat

Finally, here is the long-haired calico cat I filmed briefly. Making friends ...

Long-haired calico cat

... and getting skritches.

The self-skritching kittycat

Shavua tov (Hebrew for “Have a good week”).

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