Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Do Have a Parakeet Tree After All!

Last Thursday I suddenly heard a parakeet call from across the street. When I looked out the window, there were two parakeets on a distant tree.

I started thinking at them: “Closer ... closer ...” And what do you know—they flew right to the tree outside my window!

Now, before anyone gets any ideas about my ability to attract birds: it wasn’t me, but the fact that the tree outside my window is now full of seeds, and parakeets are seed-eaters. There are dozens of birds feasting on the tree at any time during the day, and it was only a matter of time before the parakeets headed over for a snack.

So here’s a picture of a female parakeet on the tree. When I tried to get closer to take a clearer shot, she saw me and flew off.

Parakeet on tree

(Click to enlarge.)

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