Monday, March 20, 2006

More Birds

Here are some birds I photographed yesterday after work. First, a hoopoe on the ground and then in a nearby tree. He (she? not sure) was a good sport and let me take lots of pictures. (Say, can a hoopoe be a ham?)

(Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.)

Hoopoe on the ground


Hoopoe, side view

Hoopoe, rear view

Another attempt at capturing a woodpecker in pixels:


Finally, our local wild parakeets. My tour guide friend, Dani, told me that the parakeets are elbowing the woodpeckers out of their living space and that this is endangering the woodpeckers. Oy.

Well, at least they don’t eat the same food.

Parakeet from a distance

Parakeet feasting on tree seeds

Parakeet eating tree seeds

Let’s hope for better bird-related news soon.

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