Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today’s Cats

I went outside today to take some pictures, and while I was busy concentrating, I felt a bump at the back of my right leg. Fortunately I knew what it was even before I looked, so I didn’t panic.

Cat under skirt

It was a young tomcat who was just as interested as I was in the birds I was trying to photograph.

Cat emerging

A dose of grass ...

Eating grass

A peaceful meeting with an acquaintance ...

Two cats looking at me

I met this lovely black cat on the way home.

Black kittycat

On my way, I noticed this sign for the first time ...

Building sign

The actual spelling of the name of the street is “Katamon,” but I think I like this spelling better.

(Click here to read some history of Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood. Scroll down to the second item: San Simon Monastery, Jerusalem.)

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