Monday, July 24, 2006

Cat Therapy for Meryl

Meryl had a rough day recently. Looks like she could use some cat therapy.

Although Meryl has two cats of her own, the Right Worshipful Tig and Gracie, I still believe that one can never have too many cat pictures (or videos). So here are a video and some pictures of the Self-Skritching Calico Cat, whom I met again yesterday on the way home.

Here’s the video, with an audible purr:

Here are the photos. First, a closeup of the kittycat:

Calico close-up

A very happy cat gets a skritch:

The Self-Skritching Calico Cat gets skritched

More skritches for the calico lady:

The Self-Skritching Calico Cat

Feel better, Meryl.

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