Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OK, This Blog Is Usually Pretty Easygoing, But ...

Sometimes something happens that really annoys me. Like now.

To the person who just link-spammed me: You have just done one of the two things that are guaranteed to get your comment automatically deleted and yourself banned from commenting on this blog ever again. (The other is behaving like a troll.)

It is obvious that you do not read my blog, and that the only reason you commented here was to push your way of thinking and get a free link.

You know what? Gambling sites do that. Pr0n sites do that. It’s dishonest. It’s slimy. If your site purports to be above that sort of thing, then you should be all the more careful to steer clear of such techniques.

I’ve seen your link-spam on other bloggers’ sites. How they choose to respond to it is their business. Me, I won’t tolerate it.

Don’t even think of trying it again here. Ever.

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