Monday, October 09, 2006

Fun at Work in Tel Aviv

The appointment was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed until today. So, early this afternoon, I took the train to a Tel Aviv recording studio in order to record a telephone menu for a local computer applications company. Yes, the kind that says: You have reached the offices of So-and-so Company. To be put on hold, press 1.

It was great fun. I enjoy being in the studio almost as much as I enjoy a good hike (more about that later).

Now here’s the kicker. Turns out that the young man who got me this job happens to be none other than Aviv Azerad of Assaf Frischman and the Halutzim—the group that did “Yalla, Ya Nasrallah.” I had no idea of that when we first began working together, though; I found that out later on, to my delighted surprise.

Israel is (still) a very small country.

The link above points to the video that the group produced, not the earlier one with all the military video clips. YouTube has taken that one down for terms of service violation, believe it or not. But the video of the group performing the song on an Israeli television program is still there. By the way, they have another song and video out, a humorous look at the past year.

After the work was done, we headed out for a bite to eat. I asked Aviv whether he would let me take some pictures of him to post here, and he consented.



A bit wacky:


Crazy (his description):


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: the Three Faces of Aviv.

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