Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tummy Tuesday #16

Here are two tummy shots of Roo the leopard cub. (True, properly speaking, Roo’s not a cat. I’m sure that Lisaviolet, the founder of Tummy Tuesday, won’t mind.)

Spotty leopard tummy:

Roo’s tummy

Tummy with toy. (Check out those enormous paws!)

Roo’s tummy, with toy

Yes, I gave him tummy rubs.

Roo is shown here in his sleeping cage. It is always kept open and he can go in and out at will. Which he does, with a will—when he came out to greet me the last time I visited, he tried to eat my shoe.

(By the way, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is taking donations of old, washed toy animals for Roo to play with. For more information, contact them at jeruzoo [at] netvision [dot] net [dot] il.)

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