Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This Is What Community Is All About

Helping each other when necessary, as much as we can.

Mog needs help. She has MS, and her latest hospitalization has left her with no more sick leave and a critical shortage of cash.

Mog is a thinker, a Mac-user (wistful sigh) and a pillar of the catblogging community. It was Mog who encouraged Laurence to keep the Carnival of the Cats running in its early days, when it had only a small number of participants. Today the Carnival thrives, giving joy and providing connections to catbloggers all over the world and to their readers. It’s the Internet at its best, and there’s no telling how far such a positive influence can reach.

KT Cat of The Scratching Post has more, beautifully and eloquently expressed.

Via Laurence Simon. (I’m with Laieanna and KT Cat. Yes, he is a nice guy.)

But you can stop reading my blather now, and go help Mog.

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