Friday, February 02, 2007

Adventure in Jurassic Park

No, not the movie. The pet-supply store.

Just before its final turn, the bus I ride home passes a small pet-supply store called, in Hebrew, Park ha-Yura—or, in other words, Jurassic Park.

The proprietor, Zemira, loves animals with her heart and soul. She leaves dishes of food and water in the store’s vestibule for the neighborhood cats. Although the store does not sell pets, it has its own working cat, a lovely gentleman by the name of Coca.

Minding the store:

Coca minds the store

Taking inventory:

Coca takes inventory

Since the counter passed muster, Coca can continue on his rounds:

Coca finishes inspecting the counter

Zemira lives right nearby, so on Shabbat, when the store is closed, she takes food and water to Coca so that he can be happy on the day of rest, too.

Park ha-Yura: a Jerusalem gem!

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