Monday, March 26, 2007

Freight Train, Freight Train

As I was standing on the platform at the Binyamina train station a little while back, a pre-recorded announcement came over the loudspeaker asking people to move away from the track because a high-speed train was about to pass by.

Even though I was a good distance away from the track, I stepped back still further because I’m familiar with the powerful rush of air that these passing trains create. Still, I thought that the announcement was unusual. Since Binyamina is a train hub, to the best of my knowledge all northbound and southbound trains stop there.

So imagine my surprise when what passed us was not a train rushing southward to Tel Aviv, but rather a slow-moving freight train.

Freight train passes through Binyamina train station

Freight train passes through Binyamina train station

I guess they don’t have pre-recorded announcements that say, “You might want to stand away from the track, but it’s really no big deal. Low-speed freight train coming through!”

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