Friday, March 02, 2007

New Digs for an Old Friend

Remember the Lady in Red, the special cat who lived in the park nearby?

Well, it seems that a few weeks ago she developed a severe but treatable health problem. One of her human friends who happened by and noticed her distress took her to the vet, then took her home. Luckily, she lives nearby, and I get to visit her often.

So here are two pictures of the Lady in Red in her new home:

The Lady in Red playing

The Lady in Red playing some more

I’ll miss seeing the Lady on my walks through the park. But I am happy to know that she is safe and well cared for, and I do get to visit.

(Catch the 128th edition of the Friday Ark at The Modulator. The next Carnival of the Cats will be up at TacJammer on Sunday.)

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