Friday, July 27, 2007

I’ve Been Down That Road Before

... specifically, with this taxi driver.

As Jerusalem’s only female Muslim taxi driver, Mrs Bahr, wearing a white headscarf, cuts a distinctive figure in the city's taxi-driving community.
“People always think I’m Jewish at first,” says Mrs Bahr, who speaks conversational Hebrew.
“But then I tell them that I’m Muslim and they are even more surprised. They say it’s brilliant, it’s fantastic.”

I agree. I was in Majda al-Bahr’s cab a while back, and I even blogged about it. Yup, it’s a small world indeed!

And about the Islamic fundamentalist types who don’t like the fact that Ms. al-Bahr drives a cab for a living: wouldn’t they feel secure knowing that there’s a woman taxi driver out there for the women and girls of their community? At least they know she will never make a pass at them, and with her there will be no testosterone-induced rage at the wheel. What’s not to like?

The BBC article says that she sits on the board of a local transport union, too. Way to go, Ms. al-Bahr. Way to go.

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