Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bees ’n’ Bugs

While I waited for the bus to work this morning, I noticed an elecampane bush in flower. The bees were busy working the blossoms, and I decided to continue my quest for the perfect bee shot. A bee in the air:

Bee in air

On an elecampane blossom:

Bee on flower

Then I noticed this critter. It looks like a bee, but it isn’t. Notice the stripey eyes; bees have solid black eyes. Also, it didn’t take off or fly like a bee. (Hmmm... does that make it a wannabe bee?)

Bee lookalike

Farther down in the bush, well camouflaged, was a grasshopper. I only noticed it because it jumped near me.


(Click all images to enlarge.)

(Now that I think of it, this makes a good Hallowe’en post, because I’m bug-phobic. Yup, bugs scare me. The bigger the bug, the louder the scream. But please don’t get any ideas. If you want to hear me scream, just ask, and leave the critters outside where they belong. OK? Thanks. Whew.)

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