Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earth to Our Government...

[rant ON]

This blog is usually my quiet little corner, my escape from all the madness that’s going on around us. Nevertheless...

Since when did it become a crime to be a college student sitting in his car?

Or a ten-year-old boy playing with his friends after school?

Or an eight-year-old boy going out with his older brother to buy a present for his dad?

Or a city that has the bad luck to be within range of rocket-wielding terrorists (who are financed by governments that are known to support terrorists, not to mention by billions of dollars in donations from the international community)?

This has been going on since 2001. Seven years! Any decent government would have acted long ago. Any government worth the name would protect its citizens. That, among other things, is what a government is for. That is what a government is supposed to do.

Not that our elected officials are going to listen to me, of course, or to the thousands of citizens of Sderot and its environs who have been putting up with these murderous attacks for so long. (Don’t tell me that they are not murderous because the death toll has been so low. It’s not as if our enemies don’t intend to kill us.)

When is our do-nothing government going to act? When is it going to do something besides... nothing?

[rant OFF... maybe]

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