Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Praying in Her Own Voice: Update

I just found out about the trailer to Yael Katzir’s excellent film about Women of the Wall, Praying in Her Own Voice, two nights ago. I am proud to link to it here:

In my post about the film back in March 2007, I promised to post again when I had more information. Now I do.

Dan Katzir, Yael’s son and a producer and director himself, has provided the information in a comment he just left. I am happy to reproduce it here (edited slightly to incorporate the links into the text):

Thanks for the warm words about the film.
We recut it and you can see the new trailer.
People can read about the film and also contact us about it on our website, Newlovefilms.com.
If someone would like more info they can contact us directly:
dan [at] newlovefilms [dot] com.

I understand that the film is really starting to take off. Yasher koah, Yael and Dan! I look forward to hearing more good news.

UPDATE: Praying in Her Own Voice is going to be screened at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival! Click here for details.

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