Friday, July 25, 2008

A Word to Those Seeking Free Advertising on My Blog

A few minutes ago, I deleted an ad that was left in a comment on a recent post. It was for a product I’ve seen before and that appealed to me, but I deleted the ad anyway. It looks as though whoever left it had simply looked up a certain word on the Internet and found it in the post, probably did not bother to read said post, and left the ad thinking something along the lines of: well, it couldn’t hurt.

Well, hey, guys, I put out this CD a few years ago, and it’s really good. It even won a prize. If I were to ask you to advertise it on your website for free, would you agree?

I didn’t think so.

OK, look. Don’t sneak ads into my comments section without permission. It’s not polite, to say the least. You might try asking me nicely for a link, and if I like your product and I’m in a good mood, I may agree. But don’t try to hijack my comments section. It won’t work. I will only delete the ad as soon as I see it. If you’re stupid enough to try a second time, you will be banned from leaving comments here at all.


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