Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look What They’ve Done to My Street, Ma

(with apologies to Melanie)

The Great Jaffa Street Dig in preparation for Jerusalem’s light rail system, which is already several years behind schedule. Looking in the direction of the main post office at one end...

Digging up Jaffa Street 2

... and toward the Clal Building and the Central Bus Station on the other:

Digging up Jaffa Street 1

Maybe, once the light rail is up and running, we’ll say it was worth it. For now, getting downtown is a challenge (read: nightmare). I’m very grateful for the new bus lines that go from the Central Bus Station area to southern Jerusalem without going there. (At the same time, I’m thinking of the owners of businesses on Jaffa Street. They have had it pretty tough for quite some time: first terrorists, and now, le-havdil, construction.)

Check out the map of the new traffic routes. Even though it’s in Hebrew, it should be pretty clear.

Here’s another map, from the Jerusalem Municipality, that includes bus routes.

(I looked for maps in English but didn’t find any. It’s pretty interesting that the English version of the municipality’s website links to a map in Hebrew....)

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