Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank You to an Awesome Community

(Graphic lovingly created by KC of Missy, KC, Bear)

Once again, I have reason to be grateful to the community of catbloggers on the Net.

Thank you, Nikita, for your caring and condolences. Thank you, KC, for the sweet graphic in Missy’s memory that you posted at the Cat Blogosphere.

Thank you, Laurence, King of Catbloggers, for remembering Missy even as you celebrate the arrival of your sweet new kitten, Bruwyn. May his life with you be long, healthy and happy... and I am so glad that he and Nardo are getting along.

As we say in Hebrew, aharon aharon haviv (i.e., the last-mentioned is the most beloved, or last but not least): thank you, everyone who left condolences in the comments. I will pass them on to Missy’s human companion, who misses her very much.

Thank you all. The community of cat lovers on the Net is truly awesome.

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