Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dvir, Bardy and Mistaken Identity

I first met Dvir Cafri through the English-speaking folk community in Israel, and more specifically through my dear friend Joanna, who started our group, Et al. Dvir is a fantastic musician—he plays guitar and sings beautifully.

Dvir is also a translator who owns his own business, Bardy Translations. He’s hard-working, honest and dedicated. I’ve often seen him take out his laptop and get cracking during rehearsal breaks, when the rest of us were standing around shooting the breeze. Dvir takes his work, and his deadlines, seriously.

Dvir is also the victim of a particularly unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

There’s another guy out there, a Yaron Broderson, who also calls himself Uriel Bardi, who also conducts business in the translation field. In both Hebrew and English, there is only a single letter’s difference between Broderson’s alias, Bardi (ברדי in Hebrew), and the name of Dvir’s long-standing translation company, Bardy (בארדי in Hebrew). Unfortunately, Broderson is—how shall I say this politely?—nothing at all like Dvir, and the business community has gotten wise to that fact. Customers are warning each other against Broderson, apparently with good reason (at least one journalist has written about his alleged acts of fraud and other improper practices)—but as Murphy’s Law would have it, Dvir has been catching some of the fallout due to the similarity between the name of his business and Broderson’s adopted alias. Apparently, quite a few people think that Dvir, rather than Broderson, is the one to be avoided.

So I wanted to get out there and say: listen, people, you’ve got the wrong guy. I’ve known Dvir Cafri of Bardy Translations personally for quite a few years now. Dvir is honest, decent and diligent. His firm, Bardy Translations, is excellent and reliable.

Dvir Cafri is not Yaron Broderson. He has no connection with Broderson or with his alias, Uriel Bardi, in any way whatsoever. Nor is there any relationship at all between Bardy Translations and the alias, Bardi, that Broderson adopted.

Dvir is also a wonderful musician, if you should ever happen to need one.

And if you ask nicely, I’m sure that Dvir would be willing to show you photos of his wife and little daughter, who must be two of the luckiest ladies in the world.

Oh, one final thing. Dvir didn’t ask me to write this post. I wrote it on my own initiative when I heard what had happened, and got Dvir’s permission to post it afterwards.

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