Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures from This Week

Some pictures from this week.

These potted plants liven up an otherwise drab corridor in Jerusalem’s Talpiot Industrial Zone:

Corridor of plants

An old editing machine at the Jerusalem Film School:

Film editing machine

The cover of an old book—Hallam’s Literary History, to be exact.

Cover of an old book

A sticker bearing the name of the company that bound the book:

Sticker inside book

The bookseller’s sticker:

Sticker on inside cover of book

The spines of the books, showing the older paper used in the binding process:

Spines of old books

It makes me wonder: who originally bought those books, and for what purpose? Were they school textbooks? A gift? When and how did they reach Israel?

The imagination soars... and isn’t that what books are for?

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