Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Latest Batch

My camera’s finally back from the shop, and so: pictures!

(Profound thanks to my friend N., who lent me her camera for the duration so that I wouldn’t have to go through photo withdrawal.)

A window decorated with flowers and flags in honor of Israel Independence Day:

Flowers and flags

Passing a stopped train on the way from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem. Since the route, which was built more than a century ago during the Ottoman era, is so narrow, a side track was built at the old Bar Giora station in order to allow the track to be used by two trains at once. The Tel-Aviv-bound train stops briefly on the side track while the Jerusalem-bound train passes it and the two drivers wave to each other—yes, I saw that!

Train meet

Here’s the train parked at the Jerusalem station:

Jerusalem train station

A display downtown to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Theodor (Binyamin Zeev) Herzl. This popular Israeli song (lyrics: Yankele Rotblit; music: Yair Rosenblum; vocals: Rivka Michaeli) was on the soundtrack as the display progressed:

Celebrating Herzl's sesquicentennial

Finally, a mirror image on a plant at Kibbutz Tzora:

Mirror image

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