Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Look

Actually, it was Elisson who inspired me.

I’d been thinking about it for a long time, and today I decided to buckle down and do it. This evening, I finally upgraded to Blogger’s new template system and chose a new template for my blog. It took quite a bit of work, but now it’s done. Ta-da!

So... how do you like my new look?

There will probably be other changes, since not only does this system make them fairly easy to do, but I can also navigate the CSS in the template pretty well. I figure that I’ll take a few days to go through my photos, and then I’ll choose one of them as the background image.

And then, who knows? I may change the image again at some point to fit the season, an upcoming holiday, or my mood on a particular day. Or I may change the color scheme. Or the template. Or anything I darn well please, as often as I like, simply because I can.

Or maybe not. I’ll see how I feel.

After all, this is my own tiny little corner of the Internet.


  1. I like it and you should do as you please with your blog.


  2. It's lovely. Which template? I should do it, but I'm so scared. I have so many lists in my sidebars.

  3. Steve, thank you!

    Batya, while it's time-consuming and labor-intensive, it isn't difficult. Before I got started, I copied my old template into a text file on my computer, and then copied my lists, one by one, into the gadget for HTML and Javascript (not the gadget for ordinary text!). Once you have all your lists and widgets back, the template itself is very easy to tweak and to play with.

  4. Elisson, thank you! You did inspire me, you know, though I chose to keep my old blog rather than move to a new one.

    Please give Hakuna some skritches for me. And Bernadette, too, when you see her.

  5. Oh, Batya -- the template I used is called "Picture Window." Each of the new templates has several options, and you can tweak each one of them without knowing a scrap of HTML or CSS.


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