Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Pics from the Weekend

Last Thursday night, my group, Et Al, had a gig up north in Kiryat Tivon, a gorgeous suburb of Haifa.

The gig went fantastically—I think it was our best one yet. I spent the night at my friend Joanna’s, and early Friday afternoon, we headed to Mifgash ha-Steak, an excellent, reasonably-priced kosher grill restaurant in Herzliya’s hi-tech zone, for lunch.

We ordered Middle Eastern salads for appetizers. I’m sorry I forgot to take pictures of them when they arrived. They were varied, colorful and delicious. I didn’t count how many of them there were, but there were a lot. We had great fun sampling each one.

And then came the meal we had ordered: the mixed grill for two.

Meat meal

It was heavenly. We couldn’t finish it. The only suggestion that I would make to the management would be to include two lamb chops instead of one, since it’s not easy to split one lamb chop between two people. I can᾿t imagine that it would increase the cost by all that much, and I’d be willing to pay it.

Then came dessert. I usually don’t order dessert when I eat out, but this time I did. I asked for one scoop of raspberry sorbet and ordered Turkish coffee, which is said to aid digestion. By the end of this meal, I needed all the help I could get!

End of the meal

Then, we drove to the nearby marina to get a look at the sea and the boats. This boat appears to be a navy vessel:

Military boat

Then we saw something a bit more connected to land: a magnificent, gleaming Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

A Harley at the marina

At home, I was greeted by a praying mantis resting on a newspaper that was sticking out of a mail slot:

Praying mantis

Then it was back home for Shabbat and rest. In all, an excellent weekend.

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