Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Sun Has Teeth

I’ve been saying that for years. One doesn’t fool around with the Middle Eastern sun.

Which is why I didn’t take my frying pans to be kashered by blowtorch last Friday. Not only did I feel that I wouldn’t be up to the trip – but I also felt that I couldn’t justify exposing the young man who does the work to the extra heat when the temperature was already close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I figure that the job can wait until the weather is cooler.

I do need to go on some errands tomorrow morning, though, and I wonder: will I be able to step outside without the sun eating me for breakfast?

I am so ready for this heat wave to be over.


  1. That heat + humidity wave really was a tsunami!
    I'm just about to blog (on Shiloh Musings) about the Israeli Museum, since I went there twice last week. I think it was the most popular place in Jerusalem!

  2. it is terrible. in college most of guys prefer mozgan to work really strong and all the time i am cold at class, then its very hot outside... the resalt-is permanent pain in throat, i have no idea how to survive summer in israel..


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