Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the Weather

Almost literally. I feel like it’s sitting on me.

Just as winter began to step up and we got more rain (yay!) and wind, I started to feel a bit out of focus. Then, yesterday at work, I started to get the feeling that I always get when my temperature begins to climb. Oh, great, I thought. Here comes the flu. I don’t have time to be sick. But germs wait for no woman, it seems.

I headed home, took my temperature (which was normal, strangely enough) and called my doctor. Even though her schedule was full, someone cancelled an appointment yesterday evening, so she slipped me in.

Diagnosis: not the flu, thank goodness. I have a sinus infection. My bronchial tubes are also involved. I’m currently on antibiotics and two (!) inhalers, with strict orders not to stir out of doors until Wednesday. Don’t go from one temperature extreme to the other, my doctor said. No going from hot to cold or vice versa. When I asked my doctor whether I was contagious, her answer was an unequivocal yes. She also explained that this type of infection can make people feel feverish even when they’re not.

It’s taken me more than the usual effort to write this post. I feel like my head is encased in wet cotton wool. (In fact, one of the things I told my doctor on the phone yesterday was, “I want my head back!” It made her laugh.) This is such a drag. I want it gone. Now.

But my doctor says that it will take its sweet time leaving. In the meantime, keep on dosing and lots of fluids and rest. Sigh. Think I’ll go make myself another cup of tea.

I hate being sick.



  1. !רפואה שלימה

  2. I hate being sick too, I always feel so frustrated at the time wasted being ill when there is always lots I want to do.

  3. Get well soon. Look after yourself.

  4. Refuah sheleimah, dear!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling much better now!


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