Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Cross-Section of Jerusalemites

As I rode the light rail last week, I saw a cross-section of Jerusalemites gathered at one of the stations, waiting for the next train.

I saw a nun, an Arab man and several Arab women wearing traditional dress, two religious Jewish men and several other people.

A cross-section of Jerusalem's population

Wrapped Around Her Paw

Yup. That’s where Hadi’s got me.

Allow me to demonstrate. First, the gentle paw on the hand, with just a hint of claw behind it:

Hand on paw

Oh! She’s got me!


And again! There’s no escaping Hadi the Mighty Huntress....

She got me

A moment of indecision. Hmm, the huntress wonders. Now that I’ve established my clear superiority, what should I do next?

Hadi washes her paw

Inspiration strikes. I know! I’ll demand a tummyrub...

Kitty bliss

... and get it.

Is this what they mean by “the belly of the beast”?

The Friday Ark. The Carnival of the Cats.