Sunday, August 12, 2012

The many faces of Kitten

Dignity personified:


An instant later: dignity? What on earth is that?

Dignity? Wuzzat?

Kitten loves him a good tummyrub:


My faithful assistant when I work at home:

My faithful assistant

And for good measure, here is Her Ladyship doing her impression of a da Vinci cat:

Da Vinci Kitty

Scenes in transit

Here are some scenes from my commute to work these days:

Grapes on the vine:

Grapes in the neighborhood

Old railway cars, photographed from the bus heading homeward:

Old railway cars

Gradations of green and brown, just where the hills leading to Jerusalem begin along the route:

Gradations of green and brown

Thursday, August 09, 2012

An evening at the Jerusalem Wine Festival

I went to the Jerusalem Wine Festival last week and got roaring drunk enjoyed a few tastes of wine from wineries all over the country.

I also took a bunch of photos... when I could hold my camera straight. Here are some of them.

The crowd at the festival:

Wine Festival under the full moon

The booth of the Shiloh winery:

Shiloh's booth at the Wine Festival

More photos after the jump.