Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Farewell, Nardo

The last of Laurence Simon’s original four cats, Nardo, the Mighty Stripey Hunter and star of the catcams back in the day, has passed on.

Nardo on bed (2)
Nardo on the bed by Laurence Simon

Years ago, I enjoyed watching Nardo on the catcams, together with Laurence and Gina’s other three cats, Piper, Edloe and Frisky. I loved watching them all – Piper doing Kitty Yoga, Edloe being her fuzzy, Grumpus self, and Frisky chasing rainbows (Frisky sightings were good luck) – but there was something special about Nardo. (Maybe I just have a soft spot in my heart for orange cats.)

Now the four of them are reunited on the Other Side. Rest well, Nardo... and may there be plenty of toys for you to find and hide there.

To Laurence and Gina, my condolences. May you be consoled in the knowledge that you gave Nardo a good life filled with love and care, and find comfort in your memories of him.

May you find comfort, too, in the presence of the baby panthers, Bruwyn and Myst.