Thursday, November 11, 2004

He’s Dead, Jim

Well, that’s it. Yasser Arafat is officially, indubitably, absolutely, merely and most sincerely dead. Finally.

And an ignominious end it was, too, with his estranged wife and cronies haggling over his (stolen) millions as his body remained hooked up to life-support equipment.

Even that was better than he deserved. But he’s gone. Good riddance to very bad rubbish.

For those who take issue with that statement, here is just one thought:

Why did Arafat have to go to Paris for treatment? With all the billions of dollars flowing into the Palestinian Authority from western countries since the days of Oslo, why wasn’t there a top-notch medical center right there in Ramallah? Where did all that money go?

And that’s without mentioning the thousands of murders he and his gang committed and the governments they tried to destabilize. There are plenty of articles about that for those who are interested (or who need a little waking up).

Meryl Yourish has a concise, comprehensive round-up of Arafat’s legacy of terrorism and murder. Honest Reporting has a short video on Arafat’s Dark Legacy.

As far as I am concerned: Arafat is gone, and now there is a little less evil in the world.

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