Monday, November 22, 2004

Post for a Rainy Monday Evening

Strengthen the Good: Alan of Strengthen the Good tells us about a new opportunity to do good. Want to help Slovakian teenagers at the C. S. Lewis Bilingual Gymnazium in Bratislava learn English? Send ’em some books. Find out more at Strengthen the Good, or at Meryl’s.

Rain, Rain, Rain: It’s been coming down heavily today—rain, occasional hail, followed by more rain. I had some internal rain this morning, too: the radiator in my bedroom sprang a leak. My landlord has replaced nearly all the radiators here over the past several years as they burst one by one, so in order to avoid any additional nasty surprises we’ve decided to replace not only this one but also the remaining one that hasn’t drenched my floor yet. An ounce of prevention and all that—and now all the radiators in this apartment will be of uniform style. Does wonders for the decor, you know.

The winter rains in Israel also mean that we Israelis resume one of our favorite spectator sports: watching the water level of the Kinneret. (Sometimes that sport can be quite a nail-biter. Really.) Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, now everyone can join in! Although the text is in Hebrew, the diagram and the numbers are clear and accessible, and I wouldn’t miss that rubber ducky for the world.

Our local cold snap has another benefit: getting rid of the locusts that have been plaguing us over the past few days.

The wind is blowing, I’m all bundled up even indoors and snow is forecast for the north. Time to go make some soup.

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