Monday, March 28, 2005

The Blues

Woke up this morning feeling pretty blah. The doctor diagnosed an acute upper respiratory infection. Phooey. What’s so cute about that? (Sorry—couldn’t resist.)

On the way from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy and then home (fortunately they are all within walking distance of each other), I saw a bunch of scarlet pimpernels and took some pictures of them with my new toy, a cellular phone with a digital camera. Here’s one that came out pretty well:

Scarlet Pimpernels

Yeah, I know. If I want to take this seriously I need to get a better camera, one that zooms. One day.

So here’s one of my mistakes—a pretty traditional one, thumb in the lens—but you have to admit that the subject matter makes it worthwhile:

Kittycat with Thumb

Ah, kittycats.

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