Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Day in Pictures

Even though Independence Day has come and gone, homes and cars are still sporting Israeli flags. I admit to a pet peeve: today the available flags are all made from synthetic fabric, while I’d prefer a natural-fabric flag with the Star of David stitched on. It’s rare to find such flags these days, but today I found a beautiful, well-crafted one decorating an entrance gate right in my neighborhood. It’s made of good-quality, heavy cotton with Stars of David stitched on either side. With workmanship like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were an heirloom with a fascinating history.

Detail of cotton Israeli flag with stitched-on Stars of David

I guess they don’t make them like that anymore, so if I want one, I’ll just have to make it myself one day. Another project for the list, right up there with learning how to quilt so that I can replace the cover of my old lambswool comforter.

Here’s another thing I love about Jerusalem. There are fruit trees everywhere. In some neighborhoods I’ve even seen them growing out of the walls of houses. Once I gazed (all right, I admit it: stared) at a bunch of fruit trees near an apartment building for so long that one of the residents opened a window above and called down to me, asking if I wanted some of the fruit. I didn’t. I just wanted to look at it on the tree. I grew up in a cold climate where one rarely saw fruit on trees except for apples in autumn, and even now the sight of fruit on trees can still stop me in my tracks, open-mouthed.

Here are grapes, just starting out. Awesome, no?

Grapes just starting

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