Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Israel Cat Outrage

I just received the following e-mail from the Cat Welfare Society of Israel, and it made me want to cry. My first thought was: Such things should never happen here. Of course, such things should never happen anywhere, but I guess we expect more of our own countries. Jewish law expressly prohibits cruelty to animals. Is this how we are supposed to be a light to the world?!

A Nightmarish Hell at the Cat Welfare Society of Israel’s Cat Sanctuary in Hadera
May 19, 2005—A continuous wave of break-ins and vandalism reached new heights last night with the lighting of a deadly fire in the orchards surrounding the sanctuary.
This grim event is in addition to the thefts of food and equipment we have been experiencing over the past week.
A couple of nights ago, burglars set free residing dogs to roam the areas designated only to cats (and cat-friendly dogs). This resulted in some serious injuries to a number of cats and in some cases, in their deaths.
Last night, following the extinguishing of the fire, the gruesome sight of scorched bodies of cats and piles of dog bones (the cause of their deaths is still unclear) was revealed. At this time, a great number of cats are still missing, their fate unknown.
So, how can you help?
Even though the Hadera police have begun an investigation into this crime, there is a serious and immediate dread of the real possibility of more harm coming to the poor, frightened creatures who survived this horrible ordeal.
We are turning to you in desperation! Please help us protect them! We really do need all the assistance we can get.
We are in desperate need of dependable volunteers to help patrol the area of the sanctuary and help us find the cats who have disappeared or are hiding and frozen with fear.
We are in desperate need of money to assist in the rehabilitation of the sanctuary.
We are in desperate need of donations of hidden cameras/surveillance equipment, etc.
Above all, we need your help in distributing this letter to the greatest number of people possible who, in turn, may be able to help us make this nightmare go away!

Contact the Cat Welfare Society of Israel at the link above (or the one at the sidebar) to find out more about how to help.

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